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NOS NCCOS Web Application and Scientific Data Cloud Support


We’ve been supporting NCCOS’ IT Services since 2012, first as a subcontractor, then as the Prime as of 2015. We leverage common shared services through the aggregation of infrastructure requirements that will provide enterprise solutions. GAMA-1 supports the NOS’ Strategic outcome to provide Cloud-based services to support technologies, modern frameworks, standardization, and enterprise cloud capabilities. GAMA-1 supports 425 End Users, 600 Managed Devices, and 18 Windows & Linux servers.


Our innovation with Cloud Computing started in 2015 where our Cloud/HPC Engineers established High-Performance Computing (HPC) in Azure and significantly expanded capabilities available to NOS/NCCOS scientists and researchers to run scientific models and simulations with results produced in hours rather than weeks or months. Working in collaboration with the NCCOS, GAMA-1 planned, developed, and engineered the HPC Atlas solution in Microsoft Virtual Network (VNET) utilizing Azure Resource Manager to automate the IT tasks. 

For NCCOS, GAMA-1 implemented Microsoft Azure (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) in support of their modernization efforts. GAMA-1 currently provides support for NOS/NCCOS migrating local applications to Azure SaaS. Establishing a phased approach minimizes impact to current services and maintains an optimal operations state. We establish a security and identity strategy first. We perform an on-premise system cloud candidate analysis, resources assessment, and enterprise readiness assessment to establish a system baseline (staff, computing, processing and storage); identify potential services and issues that could impact cloud services (storage performance, policies, network infrastructure, routing, IP network address conflicts, etc.); develop an optimal cloud design and procedures (subscription and resource management) to migrate and operate cloud services. We then establish a project plan (scope, schedule, risks, and cost) to migrate to servers/service to the cloud. We create performance measures to provide progress during migration and beyond. A primary element of cloud-hosted services is architecture. 

GAMA-1 provides enterprise operations, event monitoring and management, performance monitoring, and analysis services 24x7x365 for the NCCOS cloud based web-application environment.  Our team supports a DevSecOps approach to developing, securing, maintaining, and deploying NCCOS websites, applications, databases and services.  

We provide event and performance monitoring through the use of tools such as Google Analytics and Azure Alert.  We use Google Analytics to report upon and track website traffic where we are able to see how our websites and applications are accessed, in addition to identifying issues. We track website activity of the users such as session duration, pages per session, http errors, request-in, requests-out, bounce rate etc. along with the information on the source of the traffic.


Azure and significantly expanded capabilities available to NOS/NCCOS scientists and researchers to run scientific models and simulations with results produced in hours rather than weeks or months. The HPC solution utilizes a cluster environment with a master Head Node which is responsible for providing scalability for compute nodes that can be scaled to 10,000 CPU cores to enhance NCCOS’ ability to provide high-quality predictive regional ecosystem model with improved skilled and substantially shortened delivery time.  

Our staff successfully migrated all on-premise web applications and databases to Azure.  This has allowed us to reduce physical servers. A key to our success is providing Azure training for our staff (Developers, Designers, DBAs, and System Administrators), thereby allowing them to be part of the solution and migration while minimizing degradation of services through migration.

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