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Welcome to GAMA-1 Technologies

It takes a team.

Welcome to GAMA-1 Technologies. As both a small business owner and IT professional, it is a privilege to serve our customers who entrust their organizational success with us. I say “organizational success” because I know to achieve success you cannot do it alone. It takes a team of passionate, dedicated, and talented professionals, eager partners, and leaders that both inspire and encourage everyone around them to be a part of something bigger than themselves. GAMA-1 has all of these ingredients and I have every confidence we will continue to celebrate our clients’ successes both today and as we grow together in the future. 

As the President of GAMA-1, I am committed to providing both our clients and staff with the tools they need to achieve individual and organizational success. With a focus on customer experience and building mission-enabling solutions, GAMA-1 continues to prove its dedication to excellence and adherence to the highest professional standards. This is evidenced by the accolades and recognition given to us by our clients, the many professional certifications our employees have achieved, and the celebrated customer solutions we have implemented over the years.

GAMA-1 strives to be the company trusted and chosen by its stakeholders. By leveraging our strengths in next-generation enterprise technology service solutions and increasing the sophistication of infrastructure systems GAMA-1 continues to enable services indispensable to our client’s missions and society. 

We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

Gustavo Gamarra, President

GAMA-1 Capabilities

Cloud Services

Our team works closely with Federal customers to deliver Cloud strategy, migration development using cloud native solutions, application design and development, DevOps, information Security and smooth transition to cloud. Our methodology is based on proven best practices in Cloud migration, software development and Security processes.


Our clients have grown to depend on and trust GAMA-1 Technologies to protect their digital information, manage risk, and manage privacy concerns wherever personal identifiable information is collected, stored, or used.

Enterprise Solutions

GAMA-1 is highly experienced in bringing a full range of system planning, design, development, testing, O&M, troubleshooting, and security vulnerability management to the implementation of mission enabling enterprise wide systems for our federal government clients.

IT Operations and Management

Our team understands the complexity of the inter-related programs, policies, and technology within the Federal market. GAMA-1's approach to supporting our Federal customers in System Administration and Engineering is founded in industry best practices.

Software Development and Systems Engineering

Our team of certified IT professionals provides complete support throughout the entire development/operations/ and maintenance lifecycle to federal government customers who rely on science and business systems and applications to achieve their missions.

Customer and Consultant Testimonials

From our Clients and Partners:

GAMA-1 Technologies, LLC has some of the brightest talent, solving some of the most complex challenges relating to computing, networking, and storage. They are a go-to partner for high performance computing, large scale storage, and highly available networking. They have created in-house solutions, solutions with AWS, and migrating old government systems into the cloud. While demonstrating cost savings with containers and high performance computing job management in AWS. As well as, showing that it can scale to not only support massive amounts of weather data but also algorithms from different projects
Matthew Page
Regarding our NESDIS Cloud Framework Contract (SIGP/OSIS/NCCF)
I have been working from home for three weeks now, and have come to see this as the new normal mode of operation. Part of that new normal is not even noticing how seamlessly I have been able to stay connected and work with anyone I need to in NESDIS, in NOAA, and with our external partners. That doesn’t happen without the outstanding work our fantastic team in the CIO office has done to make this work. You guys are without a doubt the shining stars making it possible for us all to stay engaged, productive, and connected to our customers. I know this is possible because you have been working on this for years, preparing us all for lots of different contingency and operations scenarios. This pandemic is not what anyone expected, but the systems and support and backups you have developed are being tested and have been doing the job – as you all have been as well. Thank you!
Stephen Voltz
NESDIS Assistance Administrator for Satellite and Information Services

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