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The objective of our Enterprise approach is to translate mission/business requirements into streamlined, sustainable Information Technology  solutions.

Enterprise Solutions

GAMA-1 is highly experienced in bringing a full range of system planning, design, development, testing, O&M, troubleshooting, and security vulnerability management to the implementation of mission enabling enterprise wide systems for our federal government clients including NOAA OCIO, NESDIS, OCIO, and NWS OCIO. We provide consolidation and integration enterprise services and governance while maintaining existing development pipelines and management systems insuring no disruption in operations and smooth migration to new consolidated enterprise shared services.

Our Enterprise Services

Mission System Support

  • Develop Security and Engineering Designs and Plans 
  • Conduct 100% pre-assessment of security controls for both continuous monitoring
  • Provide systems administration, network administration, and related help-desk tasks
  • Support, repair, troubleshoot, and upgrade IRC facility IT systems and equipment as necessary

Change Management

  • Identify What Will be Improved
    for clarity, ease, and successful implementation
  • Present a Solid Business Case to Stakeholders
  • Change Planning
  • Resources Identification and Data for Evaluation
  • Communication Management
  • Monitor and Manage Resistance, Dependencies, and Budgeting Risks


  • ITIL
  • CMMI

Enterprise Architecture Consulting (Physical and Logical)

  • Security
  • Enterprise Systems Management
  • Information
  • Database
  • Applications
  • Integration
  • Platform
  • Networking and Telecommunications

Technology Assessment and Evaluation

  • Discovery
  • Analysis
  • Vision Definition and Development
  • Documentation

Our Enterprise Experience

GAMA-1 supports the NWS Operations Network and Telecommunications Gateway which aligns with the NWS’ reorganization and goal to transform NOAA’s shared dissemination of information capabilities into an enterprise-wide dissemination service. We are currently working with NWS to improve the system architecture, infrastructure, software and system development, security, and product delivery and dissemination with minimal operational risks and cost constraints. Our team is currently engaged and working with NWS IDP leadership on the analysis, planning, and design of the next generation NWS enterprise network; which will be larger in scale, scope, and capabilities.  Upon integration with NWS’ NCO into the new OneNWSnet integrated network, the team provided network design and engineering for IDP virtual environment and infrastructure to support the online presence of weather.gov and various other NWS provided online services, including the following projects: 

  1. For the OneNWSnet project we re-architected/redesigned the network, defining technical requirements, assisting with equipment specifications, configuring new equipment, coordinating installation and activation of equipment and circuits (logistics, equipment prep, shipment, circuit scheduling and activation with telcos and other NWS offices, project management, coordination with over 125 NWS sites, etc.), cutover of services, and operations and maintenance support. In addition, the project also entailed decommissioning old equipment and circuits. This was a major project that spanned over two years, and, when completed, was recognized by Dr. Uccellini, NWS Administrator, as a major accomplishment bringing a significant increase in network capacity, reliability, and provided increased capability for NWS to complete its mission. 

  2.  In support of the NWSTG Migration, GAMA-1 supported several major activities including: conducting comprehensive inventories of the equipment installed at original primary and backup locations (NWS HQ and Fairmont, WV, respectively); preparing a project plan for relocating the NWSTG primary and backup locations from NWS HQ and Fairmont to College Park, MD, and Boulder, CO; updating and patching the NWSTG system; coordinating packing and shipping of equipment, coordinating installation of equipment at new locations, configuring systems for new locations and bringing them back online. The relocation of the NWSTG primary and backup systems was phased to minimize system downtime and risk. 
  3. Over a two-year period, GAMA-1 supported a major Network Optimization effort to consolidate and optimize network infrastructure and services across the NWS enterprise by consolidating and cross-training network engineering and administration teams across two major contracts (OPSnet and WCCIS). 

Major accomplishments include the reduction of NWS’ IT footprint through the successful migration of OpsNet to OneNWS, the migration of the NWSTG to College Park and Boulder, migration of the Hurricane Hotline and consolidation and optimization of the NWS network infrastructure.

These consolidation efforts helped deliver more standardized services and support to NWS’s internal and external customers, established common processes and procedures, improved documentation and network diagrams, expanded network project capacity and capabilities, and consolidated resources and priorities. These efforts have resulted in the completion of numerous network modernization and optimization efforts, improved visibility and management across the enterprise network, centralized customer support, and standardized operations and maintenance support.  

With over 500 managed devices interconnecting 5 carrier backbones, this centrally managed enterprise class network is the core network supporting the mission of the NWS, its many programs and partnering organizations. GAMA-1 developed the design solutions, implemented and supported the high availability network design solutions that provide “end to end”, geographically diverse services with no common single point of failure.

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