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GAMA-1’s Migration work under NESDIS Common Cloud Framework (NCCF)

GAMA-1 utilized our demonstrated experience with Data Transformation and Secure Ingest processing in the Cloud on AWS to propose to our customer at NOAA an enterprise system called the NESDIS Common Cloud Framework (NCCF) to process millions of files using horizontal and vertical scaling.

NCCF is now operational and will meet the needs of NOAA NESDIS to process weather data from both GEO and LEO satellites, and non-satellite data, extract metadata, perform product generation functions to convert data from L1B to L2B+ using Algorithms and share the results on a near-real-time bases with National Weather Service, DOD, Airforce and other research institutes. The system architecture is scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, and uses FedRAMP services to comply with security needs.

  • Migrated Himawari-8 L1B data interface from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) from on-prem to AWS cloud through NWAV using two 10g circuits
  • Rearchitected the Metadata Extraction process and migrated to High-Performance Computer Cluster (HPC) using OpenPBS job scheduler running in AWS cloud
  • Rearchitected the Product Generation process and migrated the application to High-Performance Computer Cluster (HPC) using OpenPBS job scheduler running in AWS cloud
  • Migrated the Complex Database logic from Oracle to AWS Aurora PostgreSQL, which has all the rules for Product Generation processes, including Ancillary data requirements
  • Migrated the OneStop (Catalog) from on-prem to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service using Elasticsearch.
  • Migrated the SCDR (Catalog) DB from on-prem PostgreSQL to AWS Aurora PostgreSQL DB
  • Implemented the FTP process to send all products and incoming data to Product Distribution and Access (PDA)

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