GAMA-1 Technologies RTX Subcontract for NOAA’s Next-Generation Water Prediction Framework

Greenbelt, MD – October 2023

GAMA-1’s recent subcontract win with RTX Corporation for the National Weather Service Office of Water Prediction (OWP) contract is poised to redefine the United States’ water prediction capabilities in the face of evolving threats from climate change, aging water infrastructure, and population growth. The OWP, overseen by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), seeks to advance hydrologic analyses, forecast information, and decision-support services, all in line with NOAA’s broader vision of creating a climate-ready nation.

The contract outlines an ambitious plan that encompasses the development of a National Water Model (NWM), Flood Inundation Mapping (FIM) Services, and an Enterprise Hydrofabric Solution. These innovations will provide communities with near real-time flood inundation maps, cutting-edge hydrologic and hydraulic models, and integrated geospatial data to empower timely and informed decision-making. The cornerstone of this endeavor lies within the contractor-supplied Optimization Environment, which facilitates the calibration, evaluation, and optimization of these capabilities to bring forth an operational NextGen Framework.

GAMA-1 subject matter experts will provide support for two crucial tasks. One encompasses the provision of Systems/Cloud Engineering support to design, develop, and deploy various optimization environments. This task is further supplemented by support in delivering essential design documents, architecture diagrams, and narratives, ensuring all services operate effectively within the optimization environment, and making certain that FIM datasets are accessible with visualization and analysis tools. The second offers crucial support in establishing the software development framework and environment, enabling the development, integration, and testing of these transformative capabilities.

The partnership between GAMA-1 and RTX will play an integral role in advancing water prediction capabilities and responding effectively to weather, water, and climate-dependent events.

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