Customer Benefits of Cloud Migrations Using AWS

At GAMA-1, customer-centricity drives our approach. We enhance our Cloud solutions expertise through a strategic partnership with industry leader Amazon Web Services (AWS). By blending our core competencies, certifications, and best practices with our AWS partnership, we deliver tailored Cloud solutions for computing and storage that empower our clients’ science missions and organizational objectives. Our distinguished customer roster includes esteemed organizations like NOAA, NASA, and NIH. Leveraging our strengths in digital transformation and cloud migration, we enable the use of science and data for the betterment of humanity and our clients’ missions. We support their cloud journeys by creating scalable, data-agnostic, and fault-tolerant cloud frameworks that cater to mission-specific needs.

Our comprehensive range of IT Services adheres to service management best practices and encompasses Cloud Solutions, Cloud Management and Governance, Cloud Transformations, Cyber Security frameworks, Enterprise Solutions, IT Operations and Management, and Software and Systems Engineering. We strictly adhere to AWS-recommended processes, including the core three-phase migration process (Assess, Mobilize, and Migrate & Modernize), and leverage the Application Migration Lifecycle (planning, pre-discovery, application discovery, operations discovery, pre-deployment, cutover, post-cutover, operations transition, and close), to ensure a seamless transition. Our utilization of Mobilize delivery kits such as Landing Zone, Control Tower, People, Migration Factory, Mobilize Accelerator, Portfolio, Operations, and Security & Compliance ensures a well-documented migration process.

In addition, our expertise extends to various AWS products and services, including: 

Amazon API Gateway | Amazon Athena | Amazon Aurora | Amazon CloudFront | Amazon CloudWatch | Amazon DynamoDB | Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling | Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) | Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) | Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) | Amazon Elastic Container Service ( ECS) | Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) | Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) | Amazon FSx | Amazon GuardDuty | Amazon QuickSight | Amazon RDS | Amazon Redshift | Amazon Route 53 | Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) | Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) | Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) | Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Inventory | Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Standard | Amazon Transfer Family (SFTP) | Amazon VPC | Amazon VPN | Amazon WAF | Amazon Workspaces Family | AWS Application Migration Service (MGN) | AWS Backup | AWS Certificate Manager | AWS CloudFormation | AWS CloudTrail | AWS CodeBuild | AWS CodeCommit | AWS CodeDeploy | AWS CodePipeline | AWS Config | AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) | AWS Direct Connect | AWS Directory Service | AWS Glue | AWS Identity and Access Management) | AWS Key Management Service (KMS) | AWS Lambda | AWS Management Console | AWS Network Firewall | AWS Organizations | AWS Resource Access Manager | AWS Security Hub | AWS Service Catalog | AWS Systems Manager | AWS Transit Gateway | AWS Trusted Advisor | Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) | ELB (ALB and NLB) | Schema Conversion Tool | Secret Manager | Support Business

We provide end-to-end mission lifecycle services, from formulating Cloud strategies to migrating platforms and applications, implementing DevOps, and integrating robust information security. GAMA-1 is committed to enhancing our clients’ IT infrastructure performance, resilience, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

Our results speak volumes. We’ve secured Authority to Operate (ATO) for 18 mission-critical DoC systems, ensuring impeccable service availability, network reliability, and effective maintenance and patching. Our solutions have also improved network connectivity.

GAMA-1 offers tailored systems development capabilities aligned with customer mission needs, budgets, and requirements. This includes implementing DevOps CI/CD pipelines and frameworks for real-time product dissemination from satellite data, supporting scientific algorithms. Trust GAMA-1 for cutting-edge solutions that drive mission success.