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NWS OPSNet | Hurricane Hotline


GAMA-1 provides NWS Information Technology Systems Administration and Engineering services. In support of the OPSNet and NWSTG, GAMA-1 provides mission critical 24/7/365 network engineering services and support for NWS’ Enterprise MPLS network connecting over 150 sites nationwide and numerous overseas sites. We provide system administration, database, and software development services for the NWS Telecommunications Gateway which is responsible for receiving, processing, and disseminating weather-related data and products to public and private customers.


GAMA-1’s personnel were instrumental in completing the migration of the PSTN based Hurricane Hotline to a full Voice and Video over IP conferencing system. This allowed all the Hurricane Hotline participants to communicate in full high definition audio in lieu of regular phone lines. This was put into full use in 2018 when the legacy PSTN Hurricane Hotline was retired in favor of the new system after a successful run during 2018 hurricane season.

Primary task was to do a complete cluster of Cisco Call Managers, Cisco Meeting servers and various ISDN gateways and SIP devices. The team successfully completed the re-architecture and migration of the NCO virtualization infrastructure network. This included the migration of the underlying cross connects to 40Gb and the reconfiguration of the backend network infrastructure supporting the Dell chassis hosting the blades as ESXi hosts.

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  • Lifecycle Management: provisioning, configuration, orchestration and monitoring; 
  • Migration & Consolidation Support
  • Performing system configuration and documentation tasks; 
  • Performing configuration management, risk analysis and contingency planning and work with designated security staff to assist in performing security reviews and audits; 
  • Managing and providing support for the server hardware and various software tools used to continue to migrate servers to Linux and blade servers
2015 – Present