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Enhancing National Ice Center’s Operational Excellence


NOAA’s National Ice Center (NIC) is a multi-agency operational center representing the United States in providing global to tactical scale ice analyses and predictions. NIC, an essential component in environmental monitoring, operates under the NOAA umbrella to enhance maritime safety and navigation in polar regions. GAMA-1 Technologies, with its extensive expertise in IT and security services, embarked on a mission to elevate NIC’s operational capabilities through innovative solutions and diligent IT security support.

Solutions & Results: Achieving New Heights in Operational Efficiency

  • Operational Upgrades and Security Enhancements:
    GAMA-1’s involvement with NIC predominantly revolved around upgrading operational systems and enhancing IT security. Critical vulnerabilities within the NOAA IT System boundary were addressed, including resolving Plan of Action and Milestone (POAM) items. This involved updating software to align with security standards, applying necessary patches, and establishing robust system controls.
  • Key Achievements:
    • Security Patch Implementation: Timely updates and security patches were applied across systems and software, significantly reducing the risk of cybersecurity threats.
    • Access Control and Compliance: GAMA-1 established appropriate access protocols for systems, networks, and data, ensuring adherence to stringent security directives and policies.

Empowering Environmental Monitoring with Advanced IT Solutions

GAMA-1’s dedication to advancing NIC’s capabilities demonstrates a strong commitment to leveraging technology for environmental safety and operational excellence. The successful integration of these tools and services has not only bolstered NIC’s operational efficiency but also significantly enhanced its security posture, setting a new standard in maritime navigation and ice analysis.


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Tools & Services: Powering NIC’s Mission with Advanced Technologies

GAMA-1 introduced a suite of tools and systems to streamline NIC’s operations and enhance security measures:

  1. Axconuis: Deployed as a proof of concept, Axconuis played a pivotal role in inventorying servers and VMs, discovering over 5,000 devices. It’s earmarked for future expansion to enhance inventory management.
  2. RedHat Satellite: This system management tool is crucial for maintaining and configuring systems. RedHat Satellite is used daily to deploy updates and maintain the health of the IT infrastructure.
  3. Ansible: Implemented to remediate security findings and address POAMs. Notably, changes to kernel retention policies allowed for efficient patching without compromising system stability.
  4. IDM: GAMA-1 utilized IDM to migrate users and hosts from LDAP Domain to Red Hat Identity Management, streamlining user management and enhancing security protocols.
  5. Foreman
  6. Tenable Security Center: A cornerstone for IT security, Tenable Security Center was instrumental in monitoring, assessing, and addressing vulnerabilities within NIC’s infrastructure.
  7. Vcenter/Vsphere: These tools were integral in managing virtual infrastructures, offering streamlined control over virtual machines and servers.
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