GAMA-1 Achieves AWS Public Sector Program Designation: A Milestone for Enhanced Cloud Services

Greenbelt, MD – June 2024

GAMA-1 Technologies, a prominent IT services and solutions industry player, has proudly achieved the AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner Public Sector Program Designation, a significant milestone that underscores the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier cloud services and solutions. This achievement, combined with GAMA-1’s recent attainment of the AWS Advanced Tier Services Migration Services Competency, positions the company as a leader in the field, ready to meet the evolving needs of public sector clients.


Core Competencies and Services

GAMA-1 Technologies excels in several key areas critical to the public sector:

  1. Science Data Management & Digital Transformation: Leveraging advanced technologies to manage and transform data for scientific and governmental purposes, ensuring that data is accessible, secure, and useful.
  2. Planning, Architecture, & Operations: Providing comprehensive planning and architectural services to ensure robust and scalable operations for cloud-based and traditional data centers.
  3. Zero Trust Architecture, Governance, Enforcement & Federal Government Compliance: Implementing zero trust principles and ensuring compliance with federal regulations to enhance security and governance.
  4. Development, Deployment & Predictive Cost Modeling: Offering solutions for efficient development, deployment, and cost modeling to optimize cloud investments.
  5. Migration Acceleration: Facilitating rapid and efficient migrations to cloud platforms, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Notable Solution Offerings

GAMA-1’s suite of services is tailored to meet the diverse requirements of public sector clients, utilizing leading cloud platforms. Key offerings include:

  • AWS Landing Zone: Deploying secure, resilient, scalable, and fully automated cloud foundations using AWS Control Tower, AWS Key Management Service (KMS), AWS Config, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Security Hub, Amazon Inspector, and AWS Service Catalog.
  • Greenfield Implementations and Migrations: Supporting new cloud initiatives and migrating existing workloads to AWS.
  • AWS Well-Architected Review: Evaluating cloud workloads and resources to identify high-risk issues and recommend improvements.
  • AWS Migration Readiness Assessment and Planning: Conducting thorough assessments and planning to ensure readiness for cloud migration.
  • Application Migrations: Using strategies like refactoring, replatforming, and rehosting to move applications to the cloud efficiently.

Benefits of AWS Public Sector Program Designation Partnership

The AWS Public Sector Competency brings numerous benefits to GAMA-1 and its clients, including:

  • Enhanced Capabilities: Access to a wide range of AWS tools and services to enhance the delivery of cloud solutions.
  • Security and Compliance: Assurance that solutions meet stringent security and compliance standards required by public sector entities.
  • Innovation and Efficiency: Ability to leverage AWS’s innovative technologies to deliver efficient and scalable solutions.
  • Expertise and Support: Direct access to AWS expertise and support, ensuring that GAMA-1’s solutions are always aligned with best practices and cutting-edge developments.

Achieving AWS Advanced Tier Migration Services Competency

In addition to becoming an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner with a Public Sector Program Designation, GAMA-1 has also achieved the AWS Advanced Tier Services Partnership with a Migration Services Competency. This recognition highlights GAMA-1’s expertise in helping organizations migrate their applications and workloads to AWS efficiently and effectively. It underscores the company’s proficiency in planning, executing, and managing migrations to deliver seamless transitions and optimized cloud environments.

“GAMA-1 Technologies’ achievement of the AWS Advanced Tier Services with Public Sector Designation and Migration Services Competency marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. These accomplishments enhance GAMA-1’s ability to provide top-tier cloud services and solutions, ensuring that public sector clients can achieve their goals with confidence and efficiency,” stated Gus Gamarra, President. By leveraging its core competencies and extensive experience, GAMA-1 is well-positioned to lead the way in digital transformation and cloud migration for the public sector.

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About GAMA-1 Technologies, LLC

At GAMA-1 Technologies, we are dedicated to harnessing the power of science and data to impact humanity positively. As a certified Small Disadvantaged Business serving the Federal Government, we specialize in delivering innovative, secure, and high-performance enterprise technologies that pave the way for future scientific endeavors. Our vision is to advance the management of public scientific data lifecycle and environmental intelligence, guided by our core principles of being reputable, reliable, and results-focused.

Guiding Principles

Reputation is paramount at GAMA-1. We take pride in being the preferred choice for IT, professional, and scientific services, earning trust through outstanding performance that consistently adds value to our customer’s mission. Reliability is embedded in our DNA, with every employee upholding integrity and ethical standards while striving to meet contract requirements and objectives. Our results-focused approach underlines the mutual growth of our business and employees. By understanding and exceeding customer expectations, we achieve positive outcomes and contribute to your career journey.

Quality Trifecta

GAMA-1’s commitment to excellence is epitomized by our Quality Trifecta: Quality People, Process, and Delivery. Our skilled team boasts extensive experience and certifications, ensuring high-quality services and support. Our proven Envision, Plan, and Execute/Monitor methodology drives technical and business performance, while adherence to industry best practices guarantees superior solution delivery and support.

A Great Place to Work

In the competitive landscape, GAMA-1 stands out as a company that fosters a family-oriented, small-business culture. Our workplace cultivates camaraderie and community, with 97% of employees feeling this strong sense of connection. We value individual contributions and provide opportunities for career growth and interaction with senior executives, attracting candidates who seek meaningful engagement and a rewarding career trajectory.

GAMA-1 Technologies, LLC is more than just a company; we are a partner in driving meaningful change. With certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001, CMMI, and ITIL best practices, we align technical expertise with mission objectives to craft solutions that matter. As an Amazon Web Services Advanced Tier Partner, Scaled Agile Silver Partner, and Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, we combine competence and commitment to create a better future. Learn more about us at and join us in shaping a brighter tomorrow.

Stan Coachman, Contracts Manager – 301-982-4262, [email protected]

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