GAMA-1 Proudly Congratulates Our NESDIS IT Tier II Superstar, Chezburt Carter, For Receiving A NOAA Team Member of the Month Nomination

Greenbelt, MD – October 2021

GAMA-1’s NESDIS Assistant Chief Information Officer – Satellites (ACIO-S) Integrated Information Services (NIIS) Contract Tier II Technician, Chezburt (Chez) Carter, was nominated by his Satellite Analysis Branch client as NOAA’s Team Member of the Month. Chez provides daily support to the NCWCP-STAR and Office of Satellite and Product Operations (OSPO) offices at NOAA’s Center for Weather and Climate Prediction. “The reason he deserves such an award is because of the dedication, commitment, and excellence we have grown accustomed to from him in his Tier II role,” exclaimed Faizan Jamil, NIIS Service Desk Manager. Faizan goes on to report, “Chez is not only a great technician but also a great person to work with, and that’s what people love about him. I have never felt the need to micromanage any aspect of his job. Whenever he receives instructions or guidance about anything, it never has to be repeated because he retains that information and acts on it right away and also makes the process/workflow/service better.”

Thrilled to be recognized, Chez stated, “I’m grateful to be a part of the GAMA-1 team and to be able to assist in NESDIS/NOAA’s mission. I would also like to mention my service desk team, whom without, I may never have been considered for this nomination. Faizan and management have done a great deal of work to create an atmosphere where employees can grow and accel at their work. Knowing that I am a part of a dedicated and dependable team has does wonders for my peace of mind, productivity and has made life easier for myself and those I support.”

Jay Hanna’s, NESDIS Satellite Analysis Branch (SAB) IT Infrastructure Team Lead, NOAA Team Member of the Month Nomination reads:

During the course of the unprecedented health crisis from the Coronavirus pandemic, SAB rapidly adapted its operations to a 24/7 remote work operation to ensure the safety of staff members and staff members’ families.  During the past 18 months, SAB has successfully conducted remote operations for all product areas with no degradation in service.  Chezburt Carter has been instrumental in supporting SAB operations by making himself available at all times, including during off-hours, to ensure no interruption of mission-critical products by assisting with: 

  • Urgent Software installs as needed on government laptops for SAB operations
  • Urgent Cisco AnyConnect client upgrades on SAB government laptops to ensure compatibility with NWAVE and access to ESPC VPN services
  • Urgent New Common Access Card (CAC) syncing with McAfee Encryption Services on government laptops.
  • NOAA5006 onboarding forms to expedite account access for new SAB employees hired during the pandemic.

SAB is extremely thankful to Chezburt Carter for the services he has provided throughout the pandemic.  He has helped to keep our staff safe performing remote work without any interruption to the mission-critical products that SAB provides.  SAB would like to recognize him for his outstanding work. 

Humbly, Chez responded, “I did not expect this nomination, and a part of me feels undeserving. So for me, this nomination is symbolic of the importance of always doing your best and keeping a positive mental attitude. It doesn’t matter what role you play in life; if you always do your best, you will be rewarded.” When asked to share his customer support model, Chez replied, “Things don’t always go smoothly, so having an organized system of notes regarding NOAA and my role there has helped me tremendously. My notes on all the processes, procedures and problems regarding my role help make life easier for myself and everyone I support. I also keep notes on NOAA’s Mission and My Purpose there, which helps keep me motivated. The work that our users are doing has a real impact on the quality of life on Earth. They monitor volcanoes, forest fires, hurricanes, and other conditions of the Earth that can be harmful to life.” He goes on to say, “Reminding myself of the importance of their work reminds me of the importance of my work in ensuring they can do their work.”

Faizan, Chez’s NIIS Service Team Manager, proudly commented about Chez and the whole team’s secret to success, “When I took over leadership of this team, one of the main goals was to build a culture of trust, mutual respect, and open communication through multiple channels. We accomplished that by creating an internal email distribution list, weekly team meetings, and creating chat groups to share information and ideas easily to keep everyone on the same page as if we were in the same building. I am pleased to say those actions have brought our team together and comfortable in working with each other without any issues.” Faizan went on to say that he appreciates Chez and his whole team because this nomination and other service recognition received would not have been possible without each member. They make his job easier!

GAMA-1’s Vice President of Operations, Dan Beall, added, “GAMA-1 could not be more proud of Chez, Faizan, and the whole NIIS Service Team.  Each lives up to GAMA-1’s guiding principles being reputable, reliable, and results-focused every day, every call, every response!” Chez is also a member of our Great Place to Work Committee; he encourages ALL GAMA-1 employees to join this committee to build a culture of trust, pride, and camaraderie. Congratulations on this team member award!”

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