GAMA-1 Congratulates Kevin Nzuwah, Promoted to Vice President of Finance

Greenbelt, MD – April 2023

Kevin Nzuwah Promotion to VP of Finance

Join GAMA-1 in celebrating Kevin Nzuwah’s promotion to Vice President of Finance.

Jacqueline Genovesi, GAMA-1’s Chief Strategy Officer, detailed, “Since joining GAMA-1, Kevin has worked tirelessly to create, implement and strengthen financial processes and tools; streamline tasks and duties; and provide leadership to our other Finance professionals on staff.   Kevin has been instrumental in formalizing our pricing strategy, providing corporate financial data analyses, forecasting growth trajectories, and creating a strategy to maximize the company’s profit.   In his new role, in addition to the foregoing duties, Kevin will focus on working closely with Executive Management to develop and execute strategic financial decisions about the Organization’s future.”

Mr. Nzuwah began his career at JP Morgan in investment finance. Employing his experience and education at Morehouse College (undergrad) and Georgetown (graduate), Kevin quickly transitioned his calling to serve several small businesses’ financial environments.

“Based on a GAMA-1 employee referral, I began working with GAMA-1 as a consultant providing financial modeling and analysis support before becoming a full-time employee,” specified Kevin.  When asked what he likes most about working for GAMA-1, he quickly replied, “GAMA-1 is a special place. I am excited to continue to play my part in the continued growth and success of the company”.

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