GAMA-1 Achieves Scaled Agile Silver Partnership

Greenbelt, MD – July 2023

GAMA-1 tailored, designed, and introduced the Enterprise Scaled Agile Framework on two NOAA Strategic Contracts

GAMA-1 Achieves Scaled Agile Silver PartnershipAs a Scaled Agile Silver Partner, GAMA-1 helps our customers scale Agile through the proven Scaled Agile Framework®. Our staff members are experts in the SAFe framework as certified SAFe Practice Consultants. We provide our customers with the highest level of support throughout their SAFe Implementation journey.

“Through our NOAA NESDIS Subject Matter Expert Cloud Development and Innovation Initiatives (SCDII)  and Application and Science Common Services Support (ASCSS) contracts, GAMA-1 tailored, designed, and introduced the Enterprise Scaled Agile Framework. We guided organizational transformation, introducing methodologies, roles, responsibilities, coaching, and training needed to move from legacy software development methodologies to a Scaled Agile Framework,” commented Alesa Shelton, GAMA-1’s Chief Operating Officer. 

ASCSS has been progressing toward increasing agility over the last two years. Starting with teaching and practicing agile fundamental values and practices, progressing to agile frameworks and tools, and now entering into the SAFe to become part of the NESDIS Common Cloud Framework (NCCF) structure. 

GAMA-1 trained team members with SAFe for Teams and subsequent training for SAFe for Product Owners.

ASCSS Teams are practicing “product thinking,” where we’ve reorganized our teams around specific product groupings and key steps to developing Value Streams. We implemented a simple scale to estimate work items’ size, complexity, risk, and dependencies. We eliminated non-value work items, increased emphasis on creating high-value work items, and implemented Product Backlog Refinement sessions.

GAMA-1 introduced Jira Roadmaps to map current and future work, resulting in more predictability and providing a visual rendering of due dates, milestones, and dependencies.

“We recently implemented all-hands retrospectives to share ideas and improvements across ASCSS, and we developed the Algorithm Orchestration (AO) system defining the Algorithm Orchestration Value Stream, which is essential for this team to join the NCCF Agile Release Train (ART),” stated Gerald Stark, Vice President of Business Development.

Since October 2022, ASCSS has trained in basic GitLab, 31 science teams comprising 154 scientists from STAR, CIMSS (University of Wisconsin), CIRA (University of Colorado), and the University of Maryland. Additionally, 19 scientists (17 from STAR and two from CIMSS) representing 11 science teams have taken the GitLab CI/CD training. More training is being scheduled.

Stan Coachman, Contracts Manager – 301-982-4262, [email protected]