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Virtualization Projects Success

Virtualization GAMA-1 recognizes that server virtualization is a key component of the a “oneUnified” data center consolidation model, which allows computing, network and storage resources to be dynamically partitioned, provisioned and assigned to different applications through an intelligent network fabric. 

Supporting the Government Resource for Algorithm Verification, Independent Testing, and Evaluation (GRAVITE) system under the Tri-Agency National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS) Joint Polar Satelitte System (JPSS) GAMA-1 worked with the Federal management to implement a thin-client data center build. Using a Private Cloud deployment model, GAMA-1 successfully managed the virtualization of the data center housing IBM High-performance computing that includes: IBM blade chassis and blade servers for processing; IBM storage using IBMs high-performance shared-disk cluster file system; General Parallel File System (GPFS); and Cisco NEXUS series data-center network switches. Through the data center consolidation we decreased the footprint by utilizing virtualization – 50 servers to 27 in a period of 9 months. This was almost 50% reduction in footprint.