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Configuration Management

GAMA-1 supports the various Government Change Advisory Boards (CAB) and Configuration Change Board (CCB) by assessing and prioritizing change requests which lead to IT service-quality improvement and achieving higher levels of availability.

Configuration Management
In support of CITS and JPSS Ground’s CCB, NESDIS Headquarters, and the Joint Polar Satellite System’s ICCB GAMA-1’s change management process is focused on minimizing service downtime by ensuring that requests for changes are evaluated, authorized, prioritized, planned, tested, documented and reviewed in a controlled and consistent manner.

Action items obtained from technical meetings and end-user requests are captured to determine if a request for change is required. Under the guidance of the GAMA-1 Project Manager, our change management process ensures the following:
  • All changes support business needs and goals
  • Planning, design, building, and testing of all changes
  • Business risk is managed and the severity of any impact/disruption are minimized
  • Standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all request and/or approved changes
  • QA Plans and SLA Compliancy
  • Impact Assessments conducted
  • Change Schedules and published Project Service Outages
  • Approved Change Execution Plan
  • Change Documents and Records (digitized or manually maintained and preserved)
  • Results of changes to the services or the configuration items
  • All management reports are analyzed and reviewed

GAMA-1 supports the NESDIS Configuration Management (CM) program through analysis in reviewing the procedures, identifying gaps and recommending changes. We review their CM Plan against ITIL and CMMI best practices with an eye toward validating and verifying compliance. We provide information integrity through conscientious adherence to the CMP and maintain artifacts to substantiate changes. GAMA-1 also reviews the CM Plan against NIST 800-53 and 800-128 requirements and has recommended changes to comply the Federal NIST requirements. GAMA-1 participates in the process by summiting configuration change requests. We also participate in the review process for configuration items at the technical level.