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Development and CMS Solutions

Application Development and CMS Solutions Success


NESDIS is a NOAA program and JPSS is a joint program between NOAA and NASA

GAMA-1’s SharePoint Development team was tasked to develop custom innovative solutions that would support NESDIS and JPSS at the enterprise level. GAMA-1 successfully provides a reliable and secure technical infrastructure as well as innovative agile solutions that supports both NESDIS and JPSS office business needs.

Development SolutionsGAMA-1 provided the full lifecycle for software development including the planning, design, development and implementation in support of enterprise solutions to support both NESDIS and JPSS. Utilizing SharePoint as a platform, these solutions include custom tracking tools, records management, configuration management solutions, custom BI tools and reporting as well as supporting the office document management requirements.

GAMA-1 provides continuous monitoring and maintenance of the solutions as well as makes recommendations to the customer for future solutions that will help support the enterprise.

GAMA-1 was recognized by both NESDIS and JPSS management as providing innovative and essential tools that greatly improve the business functions in the office. GAMA-1’s success with custom solutions, including the setup of SharePoint enterprise solutions in the JPSS office, has led to numerous follow-on successes with different offices within NOAA. Recently, GAMA-1 has been awarded to assist in the setup of a SharePoint Project Management Office (PMO) that will support the numerous custom solutions being planned and developed within NESDIS and JPSS.

Recently, one of our employees, Peter, was recognized for by NESDIS and JPSS for his efforts on the SharePoint projects.

For his exceptional contribution and innovation to a JPSS SharePoint Project, Peter Lee was nominated for the NESDIS Information Technology and Engineering Employee of the Year Award. Peter was presented with an award and also received a letter of recognition signed by Steven Volz, Assistant Administrator for Satellite and Information Services.

Peter was also recognized as the JPSS Employee of the Quarter for his leadership, communication and follow-through in the SharePoint migration and numerous other projects as well for his contribution to overall supporting his team and assisting in the training of end users.

Application Development and CMS Solutions Success


The OAR development team was tasked to update and customize a solution with CMS capabilities that would support the changing needs of the Arctic.NOAA website. Our team successfully provided a reliable agile solutions with high praise from the customer.

"I want to take a moment to recognize and thank the technical team behind the successful launch of the newly redesigned site in time for the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco. Nancy, Leigh, Tracey, Zhi and Jessica, you folks are awesome! Thank you so much for your hard work! It was great to see folks working across multiple offices & time zones to ensure a solid technical product deployed on schedule and meeting the customer's needs. Thanks again for all you've done and continue to do in service of this effort." Recognition of GAMA-1 Staff from Moe Pahlavan, Program Manager, IT Management Office, NOAA Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR)