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Business Management

Business Management Success – NESDIS

Focusing on our customer and meeting their IT service area needs it what GAMA-1 does best. GAMA-1 is lead by certified ITIL experts who recognize the importance of not just providing day to day IT services but being an actual service solutions provider to our customers.  Following the IT Service Management (ITSM) discipline, our team works with the customers to focus on IT’s contribution to their business.

Business Management
Recently, GAMA-1 established a Service Catalogue Management for our NESDIS customer. Our Service Catalogue ensures proper management of supported Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Operation Level Agreements (OLAs).  We also established a Service Excellence Program (SEP) aimed at gathering customer feedback for service and process improvement. Following and ITSM discipline the GAMA-1 team used information from our SEP to successfully implement repeatable processes which lent themselves to leverage systems to provide consistently reliable outputs.

By listening to our customer’s feedback, consistently managing process improvements, and using our team’s skills and innovation GAMA-1 has successfully implemented several business management solutions to our JPSS customer which include:

  • Integration of an enterprise level collaboration tool/document management/electronic records management application.
  • Implementation of a Web-based Correspondence and Action Item tracking application
  • Implementation of a first NOAA operational IPv6 Web-site for NESDIS IPO

Implementation of an Intrusion Prevention System vs. Intrusion Detection System.  (Our intrusion Prevention system is a multi-platform enterprise patch management solution to incorporate vulnerability assessment; and remediation.)