Mission Program Support

Mission Program Support
GAMA-1 scientific computing subject matter experts help scientists and researches solve problems in running complex modeling and simulation programs in currently available computing environments or with only limited access to high performance computing (HPC) environments.  Programs that have taken 30 days or longer to run in on-premise computing environments have been analyzed at the code level and rewritten to run in only a few days.  

When confronted with limited access to high performance computing environments, we optimize program code and implement job schedulers so that a program runs efficiently, employs parallel computing, and generates results in much shorter time periods.  To overcome the challenge of limited access to the agency high performance computing environment, we designed and implemented a successful proof of concept for HPC in the cloud that leverages parallel computing across over a thousand cores of compute power.  

GAMA-1 provides end-to-end technical support for major technology refresh projects that enhance our customers’ scientific computing and data processing capabilities. Our system architects and engineers, programmers, database developers and security specialists develop, test, and deploy mission-focused software and applications.

  • Scientific programming and computing for advanced simulation and modeling, statistical analysis, and data processing
  • Optimizing scientific programming/code to run more efficiently in high performance computing environments
  • Technology refresh to enhance scientific computing and data processing capabilities
  • Mission-focused software/application development and deployment