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GAMA-1 DevOps

Our approach to Dev/Ops embraces an agile delivery for software throughout the lifecycle into operations. Our process emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration, and automation; while removing roadblocks and bottlenecks throughout the process. We work directly with our clients for real-time responsive feedback and foster innovation within our teams to deliver custom and unique solutions to meet our customers' complex business needs. 

Our Dev/Ops services use industry best practices leveraged to translate business requirements into solutions using agile-deployment strategies to promote transparency, early and predictable delivery, and user-centric design. GAMA-1 takes a proactive approach, planning, and implementation that our customers have grown to depend on and trust.


Our team of certified professionals provides complete support to customers throughout the project management, planning, and development lifecycle of applications, websites, and custom solutions, including new development as well as maintaining and improving accustomed applications and tools. We work with our customers to build efficient and reliable tools that support core business processes and back-office functions with user-friendly UI/UX experiences.


Each of our development services follows our best practice approach, including a comprehensive risk management process and quality review/assurance.


We provide a full spectrum of Dev/Ops services:

  • Architecture and Business Requirements Consulting, Planning and Design

  • Database Administration and Infrastructure Support

  • Big Data and Platform Support

  • Mobility Planning and Execution

  • Agile/Dev/Ops and Project Management Best Practices

  • Enterprise Solutions and Services

  • Software, Website, and Application Design and Development

  • DNN Custom Development and Support

  • Performance Engineering

  • Business Intelligence Tools

  • Business Process Management

  • Application Integration

  • Configuration Management

  • Knowledge Management

  • Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Configuration and Risk Management

  • Operations and Maintenance 

Our Experience

DevOps Project Performance: For the National Ocean Service (NOS), GAMA-1’s Cloud/High-Performance Computing (HPC) Engineers are responsible for establishing High-Performance Computing in Azure and significantly expanding capabilities available to NOS/NCCOS scientists and researchers to run scientific models and simulations with results produced in hours rather than weeks or months. Working in collaboration with NCCOS, our engineers planned, developed, engineered the HPC Atlas solution in Microsoft Virtual Network (VNET) utilizing Azure Resource Manager to automate many IT tasks. The HPC solution uses cluster environment with a master Head Node which is responsible for providing scalability for compute nodes that can be scaled to 10,000 CPU cores to enhance NCCOS’ ability to offer high-quality predictive regional ecosystem model with improved skilled and substantially shortened delivery time. Head Node Backup and Recovery service was implemented on the Azure platform. For each project, a dedicated premium storage NFS server with multiple drives with Raid 0 stripe was created. Tracking and monitoring are provided for HPC nodes, queues and job status. Our team has successfully delivered 12 HPC projects across NCCOS program offices and research centers. The NCCOS HPC environment currently supports over 20 algorithms delivering over 30 science data products. Currently, our team is supporting 5+ active HPC projects at NCCOS which support important NOS missions such as monitoring Harmful Algal Blooming & Coral Structure. These HPC capabilities have been implemented using NOAA “JET” HPC resources, on-premise workstations, and Microsoft Azure cloud services.

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