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At GAMA-1, we believe our employees should grow, achieve, and develop just as the company grows, achieves, and develops.  GAMA-1 is committed to providing our employees with opportunities for career advancement throughout their employment. GAMA-1 works with the goals, abilities, and motivation of each of its individual employees and provides the tools for success.

Tuition Reimbursement:
GAMA-1 offers a generous education fund for each of its employees. Upon taking educational classes, employees are reimbursed for items such as tuition, books, and technology fees. We encourage our employees to maximize this benefit each year by taking educational classes that are interesting, further their career and broadens their horizon.

Training Reimbursement:
GAMA-1 offers training funds for each of its employees. Employees are reimbursed for such items as training costs and books. Employees are encouraged to maximize this benefit each year by taking training classes that are interesting, further their career development and broaden their knowledge base.

Certification Reimbursement:
GAMA-1 encourages its employees to attain professional certifications; the attainment of a professional certification assists employees in furthering their career by enhancing their marketability. Gama-1 provides reimbursement for certification preparation courses and certification tests.  In fact, each of our IT Services employees will be ITIL certified within the first three months of employment.  We strive for 100% ITIL certifications within the company.

Performance Appraisals:
Open communication and beneficial feedback is important to GAMA-1’s leadership team; as well as our employees. Performance appraisals are given to encourage open communication, provide employees with performance improvement plans and to recognize and reward employee accomplishments.

Mentor Program:
Each employee is assigned a Mentor. The mentor offers both new and existing employees the opportunity grow within the company, provides “on the job” training, and provides advice and assistance throughout your GAMA-1 employment and possibly your career.

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