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President’s Message

As both a small business owner and IT professional, I am committed to GAMA-1’s organizational success. I say “organizational success” because I know to achieve success you cannot do it alone – that is “I cannot do it alone!” It takes a team of dedicated and talented professionals; eager partners; and a leader that both inspires and encourages everyone around them to be a part of something bigger than themselves. GAMA-1 has all of those ingredients and I have every confidence we will continue to celebrate our success today and growth in the future.

As the President of GAMA-1, I am committed to provide both its clients and staff with the tools they need to achieve individual and organizational success. GAMA-1 continues to prove its dedication to follow industry-accepted practices and high professional standards. This is evidenced by the many professional certifications our employees have achieved. As well as the celebrated customer solutions we have implemented over the past four years. Solutions such as VOIP Anywhere/Anytime Work Alternatives, Private Cloud Computing Design and Implementation, Unified Collaboration, and IPv6.

Our mission to link business and technology through people, process and tools is achieved by a team. Our team!

Gustavo Gamarra
President of GAMA-1