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GAMA-1 Mission

Our Mission
Our mission is to be a trusted federal partner, delivering quality IT and professional services and solutions that enable our customers to meet their strategic mission through results-driven staff and technological innovation.

Guiding Principles 
Integrity • Commitment • Results-Focused
GAMA-1 Principles

GAMA-1's mission and guiding principles link business and technology through our QUALITY TRIFECTA:
Quality People. Quality Process. Quality Delivery.  

Quality People: 
From the Program Manager to the Tier 1 Service Desk Agent, we recruit, retain, and develop highly qualified and experienced personnel who are committed to serving our customers, continuing their professional development and training, and following ITSM discipline throughout the execution of each task and project.

Quality Process: 
GAMA-1 is invested in quality processes as evidenced by our ISO, CMMI, and ITIL certifications. Team GAMA-1 follows our Envision, Plan, Execute/Monitor  process. Our Envision, Plan, Execute/Monitor process, is founded in ITSM and PMBOK principals and implemented through well trained staff. 

Quality Delivery: 
GAMA-1’s methodology is an ITIL-based service delivery model, governed by our ISO 9001 and ISO 20000 processes and procedures. Our team leverages the ITIL v3 Continual Service Improvement (CSI) seven-step process and analyzes existing quality processes to ensure that they meet customer objectives and requirements. Our quality processes and procedures encompass quality management planning and execution, service level management, quality assurance applied to every task order deliverables and work products, compliance with requirements and regulations, and quality control and adherence imbued within our staff members.